Made From Scratch

Growing for the future


Any chef will tell you that the tastiest meals start with the best ingredients, which is why all of our vegetables, herbs and spices are grown in the field, ripened in the sun, and harvested in season when they taste best. For our fusilli pasta, we use magnificent Australian Golden Wheat, grown in the vast golden wheat fields of NSW and Victoria under the Australian sun by local farmers. We focus on quality and delivering the best flavour to your dish. Because we believe that when the soil is treated with respect, a great tasting crop is bound to follow

In close relationship with farmers we improve knowledge and equipment and help them move to sustainable agriculture. As part of this program, farmers are trained on sustainable growing practices, and we carefully monitor progress like soil richness, water usage and improving the environment that surrounds our farms. For example, our wheat farmers in Continental’s Sustainable Agricultural initiative expect to see the first sustainable harvest in November 2013. And our proudest ambition is to ensure that all of our ingredients -­‐ vegetables, meat, herbs and spices  -­‐ come from sustainable sources by 2020.