Julie Baylis

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Chef Profile: Julie Baylis

Julie’s passion for food started from an early stage. One of her fondest memories growing up was of her mum baking scones in their kitchen in England. She still remembers eating them hot from the oven with jam and cream.
Growing up, she used to cook for her family every week and proudly take photos of all the dishes she made. 
Some of her most indelible food memories are from her travels across Asia –Thai sticky coconut rice with mango, hot and spicy Malaysian satays, Indian Thalis, and so many other new and exciting flavours and textures. She then moved to Australia and joined a catering company  – which is where she met her husband. Yes, he’s also a chef, which does create a bit of healthy rivalry in the kitchen. Shortly afterwards, Julie joined the team at Continental and now over a decade later, she’s still with us, creating  great food and products that help mums create delicious and nutritious meals every day. 
Julie relishes the versatility and creativity of her role, and loves the fact that each day is new and different. 

What do you love about food?

I love providing and I love the enjoyment it brings. It’s a very emotional thing.

If you weren’t a chef what would you be doing?

Physiotherapist. I was quite into “science” subjects at school – but cooking offered something more satisfying.

What’s the most useful tool a chef can have?

Sharp knife – you can do anything with a sharp knife. And a mandolin can be useful if you need very finely sliced vegetables for stir fries or salads – you can get pretty inexpensive ones from Asian stores.

What’s your Top Tip(s) for home chefs?

Keep it simple – and use beautiful, fresh ingredients.

Favourite dish to cook and why?

Lasagne – I love to make it and the whole family loves to eat it. So it’s win, win really!

Favourite dish to eat and why?

Anything from Quay restaurant – Peter Gilmore is an old colleague of my husband, and always looks after us when we visit.

What food ingredient couldn’t you live without?

Cheese – I love every kind of cheese. It’s great on its own, and adds flavour to other dishes – very useful.

What makes a good chef?

Confidence - you can’t be too sensitive about criticism when you’re cooking (that’s what I always tell my husband anyway!)